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Ise Yakumono- Headshot by IllusTwinright Ise Yakumono- Headshot by IllusTwinright
This is a headshot of Ise Yakumono, my OC for Harushini Academy, and Harushini Revived and the main male protagonist ^^ He comes to the school as the only boy, and can use powers because the spirit of the founder's daughter is hosted inside him.

He's the son of Albin Meinserth from Norway and the Faore Islands, and Haruka Ishuno, native to Japan. Albin moved from Norway to the Faore Islands, and then eventually to Japan where he met Haruka. Eventually they got married and had Ise. Though their marriage began to sour, causing continual arguments. They turned to drinking to try and ease their pains, but it only worsened things, as they began lashing out drunkenly at him. Ise slowly became depressed, and would frequently get picked on, bullied, and even beaten up by his fellow classmates, who saw his depression as being weak. The final blow came when he was 14, both of his parents died. His dad died in a car crash while trying to drive drunk, and his mother, unable to handle the emotional strain, shot herself. For a month, he was able to stay in his home till it was eventually repossessed. With no family to turn to, not old enough to work a job, and at risk of being placed in a brutal foster care system, he went to his parent's graves. It was there that Tsubaki first met him, though he could not see her. She saw the emotionally destroyed Ise, and decided to give him another chance. Secretly fusing with his consciousness and remaining hidden, he was given powers, and able to enter Harushini, escaping his desperate situation.

Besides his regular power, he can gain access to another technique, known as Hikari Mode. It bathes the user in a radiant light, giving increased speed, power, endurance, as well as a boost to already existing powers, and creation of light based weapons. It has the regular mode, which Ise can use, and an enhanced version, called Axcel Hikari. It gives even more power to the user, but if not able to control it well enough, puts a lot of stress on the body. Currently, Ise can use this, however it causes him severe pain when he reverts back to normal, and intense bleeding.

Name: Ise Sarenju Yakumono
Age at Start: 15 (August 12th)
Age Current: 16 (August 12th)
Power: Object Manipulation (which is used to gain additional powers through injection of the body)
Past Additional Powers: Lightning, Shadows, Metal, Weapon Creation, Paralysis, and Crystal Creation
Current Additional Powers: Crystal Creation
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Hair: Blond
Body: When I draw him full bodied, he'll come out similar to most anime males, but he's not currently physically strong. This will develop in time, though he'll still remain at a moderate shape, just have hidden muscle :D
Strengths: Ability to gain multiple powers (only one who can have more than one), creative with moves he's already used, high level of perserverance
Weaknesses: Has weak control and is currently unable to master his powers, sometimes too trusting of others that it allows him to be hurt easily
Theme Song: Empty- Combichrist
Joke Theme Song: Now That We're Men- SpongeBob Movie
Vampire-Panda-Lov3z Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
Now that we're Men! XD I love it, nice work on Ise by the way
MerMerNui Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dear Hylia....Now we are men. Still like how his hair came out though ^_^
AskJayandNamine Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Cool drawing im in love with it. owo
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